lundi 17 mai 2010

StarAfrica Sounds : the competition ends salutes to all the artists of the competition StarAfrica Sounds.

We are more than honored to have received so many songs, precisely 60, from young talented artists across 19 African countries. Almost every single type of music was represented in the music contest including rock, pop, traditional, hip-hop, rap, jazz, soul, blues, dancehall, house, r&b, reggae, gospel…

This is the first time of the competition but we look forward to creating more events aimed at promoting the raising artists in their local communities and in the world.

The submitted songs reflected the African spirit, people’s dreams, goals, desires beliefs and simply the best of the Africa’s new music. Some of them include, Kutchala’s “gomanan” is the power of a new sound “ethnicity rock”. Jujuracy’s “mbolocracy” is the dream world where everybody is free and democracy is the voice of people. Manu’s “S.O.S enfants” is simply an ode to children’s future despite the difficulties they faced. Codeman “to the dance floor”, is a nice dance song to enjoy while having party. Megan’s C “got it”, a well produced track in pop world. Franck’s “UPC” is truly an extraordinary composition. Lydiah’s “woman of faith” is the voice of thousand women whom society has forgot to hear. Youngsavio’s “risen up” is a mixed of African sounds with modern rhythms, this song is very special. Mc Norman’s “I hope one day” is the song of the future of Africa full of prosperity and brightness. Africali’s “Ngatimukamaba” is a great traditional composition. Slaga’s “appel juice” is a pleasant house-techno track. Finally, Alain’s “new dawn in Africa” is an inspiring song with positive lyrics and powerful vocals.

We are hoping to accompany young artists on the road from the very beginning and let you –’s visitors- enjoy the new brand African music.

Thank you all for your participation in the competition : artists, for sharing with us your compositions and public for voting and for spreading the buzz!

StarAfrica Team